Pardon Our French: The Importance of a French Drain in Your Yard

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Although homeowners don’t usually realize it until visible signs appear, most homes need a French drain. Poor grading and clay-based soil contribute to slow drainage. After a rainfall or after you’ve run the sprinklers in your hard, have you noticed any standing water or super-saturated areas around your home? If so, contact Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care, the French drain installation experts in the Augusta area. If not addressed, poor drainage can lead to big problems, like foundation issues. And if water is getting underneath your home, it can cause mold damage as well – a very expensive and potentially dangerous problem.

Why is it important to have experts like Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care install your French drain for you? Ninety percent of the French drains that we see have been installed improperly. It’s important that the job be done correctly so that the issue doesn’t reoccur.

What should you expect? First, we’ll dig a trench. Don’t worry about your sod – most of the time, we can salvage the sod you have, so there is little chance that you’ll have to resod any areas (saving you time and money). Next, we’ll install a pipe with a “sock” on it that filters out sediment. We fill the trench with gravel, put down a bit of topsoil, then a second barrier, a porous fabric, around the rock, to prevent the drain from getting sediment in it. We’re careful to not put any clay back into the drainfill, so the water will drain quickly. After this is complete, we lay the sod back down, and within just a short amount of time, no one will even know that you had a French drain installed, but the results will be immediate.

Don’t delay – contact Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care today for a free quote on your French drain!

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