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Stumped About Your Tree Problem?

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Everyone loves the shade, beauty, and vegetation that trees provide, and we always want to maintain a healthy yardscape.  But occasionally, trees must be removed when they are dying, or if they have become dangerous.  Do you have trees in your yard that need to be removed?  It is no easy job to take on yourself.  The good news is, professional tree removal in Augusta GA is just a phone call away at Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care.  Some homeowners do want to attempt to remove trees themselves, and it’s usually a job best left to an expert.  Contact Bulldawgs if any of the following apply:

  • the tree that needs to be removed is larger than 10 inches in diameter or 20 feet tall
  • in order to remove branches, someone would need to climb the tree
  • houses, structures, or power lines are anywhere in the vicinity
  • insect infestation has occurred in the tree

Don’t risk harming your home, car, or yourself!  And remember: you always want to make sure you hire a company who will comply with all regulations and are licensed, like Bulldawgs.  Our experts will remove trees from your property carefully and safely, giving you peace of mind.

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