Stumped About Your Tree Problem?

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Everyone loves the shade, beauty, and vegetation that trees provide, and we always want to maintain a healthy yardscape.  But occasionally, trees must be removed when they are dying, or if they have become dangerous.  Do you have trees in your yard that need to be removed?  It is no easy job to take on yourself.  The good news is, professional tree removal in Augusta GA is just a phone call away at Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care.  Some homeowners do want to attempt to remove trees themselves, and it’s usually a job best left to an expert.  Contact Bulldawgs if any of the following apply:

  • the tree that needs to be removed is larger than 10 inches in diameter or 20 feet tall
  • in order to remove branches, someone would need to climb the tree
  • houses, structures, or power lines are anywhere in the vicinity
  • insect infestation has occurred in the tree

Don’t risk harming your home, car, or yourself!  And remember: you always want to make sure you hire a company who will comply with all regulations and are licensed, like Bulldawgs.  Our experts will remove trees from your property carefully and safely, giving you peace of mind.

Call us today for a free estimate!

Pardon Our French: The Importance of a French Drain in Your Yard

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Although homeowners don’t usually realize it until visible signs appear, most homes need a French drain. Poor grading and clay-based soil contribute to slow drainage. After a rainfall or after you’ve run the sprinklers in your hard, have you noticed any standing water or super-saturated areas around your home? If so, contact Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care, the French drain installation experts in the Augusta area. If not addressed, poor drainage can lead to big problems, like foundation issues. And if water is getting underneath your home, it can cause mold damage as well – a very expensive and potentially dangerous problem.

Why is it important to have experts like Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care install your French drain for you? Ninety percent of the French drains that we see have been installed improperly. It’s important that the job be done correctly so that the issue doesn’t reoccur.

What should you expect? First, we’ll dig a trench. Don’t worry about your sod – most of the time, we can salvage the sod you have, so there is little chance that you’ll have to resod any areas (saving you time and money). Next, we’ll install a pipe with a “sock” on it that filters out sediment. We fill the trench with gravel, put down a bit of topsoil, then a second barrier, a porous fabric, around the rock, to prevent the drain from getting sediment in it. We’re careful to not put any clay back into the drainfill, so the water will drain quickly. After this is complete, we lay the sod back down, and within just a short amount of time, no one will even know that you had a French drain installed, but the results will be immediate.

Don’t delay – contact Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care today for a free quote on your French drain!

For the Love of Sod

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Looking for a fast way to give your yard a pick-me-up?  Fresh new sod!  Bulldawgs Lawn Care is the sodding expert in the Augusta area.  We’ll help you determine what type of sod will work best for you.  Need your lawn resodded, but not sure which type of sod grass to choose?  Here are some of our most popular picks:

Bermuda grass is a very popular choice for sod.  It stands up well in high traffic, so if you have pets (like dogs) and/or children playing the yard frequently, this is a great option.  (Bermuda is usually used on baseball fields.)  Bermuda also does well with full sun.  Keep in mind, Bermuda grass needs to be fertilized more often.  It also grows quickly, so it has to be cut more often as well.  But it’s an excellent choice.  Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care owner Dustin Van House personally chose Tifway Bermuda 419 sod for his own lawn.

Another great sod choice?  Zoysia.  Zoysia is a dense, thick, low growing turf.  It’s versatile in that it works well in both full sun and shade.  One of the nicest things about Zoysia is the texture:  it has fine blades, yet the grass is so thick it feels like carpet.  Another benefit to choosing Zoysia:  it doesn’t have to be cut as frequently.  Emerald Zoysia and Myers Zoysia are popular varieties.

Centipede is also a popular pick.  This thicker blade grass works well in part shade and full sun.  The benefits of centipede sod?  It spreads rapidly for fast coverage, and is drought tolerant.

Is your yard lacking a lot of sun?  You can still have gorgeous lawn with St. Augustine.  Of all the popular sod choices, St. Augustine is the most shade tolerant, and it also spreads rapidly.

And if you don’t already have a sprinkler system installed, don’t worry – we can handle that too.  Kick off spring with a beautiful new lawn, with fresh sod from Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care!

Rain, Rain Go Away!!

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Well we surely have gotten our fair share if rain this week. Do you have problems with water run-off in your yard? Standing water? Give us a call for your free estimate for a french drain. If done properly, they last forever and never clog up. We use a special mesh covering on our pipes to make sure that never happens. Plus once we are done we can make it look as if you never had one. Sod or decorative rocks can be used over the make it look stunning! Give us a call @ 706-860-2727 today!

Hot Days!!

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Padio Work

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Here is video made by the customer of some of our work! Enjoy 🙂


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Wow is it hot out there!! We have had many people asking about their lawns and plants not looking so good! When it is high 90s to 100s you need to water morning and night. And remember to fertilize 2 x a month!

Trimming Hedges

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Do you have large bushes that need trimming? Well in case you didn’t know, trimming of hedges and bushes is included in our Lawn Maintenance programs. It also includes mowing, edging, weed eating, and blowing everything clean. Starting out at $45 a visit you can’t go wrong. Give us a call today!

Types of Bedding!!

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We have had several questions about our different types of bedding. These are our three most popular.

Rock bedding  (the 1st pic) is a simple yet beautiful way to fix up beds. It starts out about $3 a sqft. Super easy to maintain! The 2nd pic is of straw bedding. It is $5 a bail, and is able to cover a lot of area for the price. Simple to install but needs some type of border to keep it from washing away. It needs to be replaced once every 6 months. The 3rd pic is the most popular bedding. Mulch! Our mulch comes in red, brown, black, and cypress. It is $.75 a sqft. It also needs a border to keep it from washing away. It needs to be replaced once every 2 years and replenished once a year.

We also offer a

20 year weed block

and metal edging (brown, and green). Call today to get your beds redone and looking amazing!


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Pergolas are an amazing addition to any backyard. Go to our website and see some gorgeous pergola jobs that we have done.