Decorative Rock Bedding

Can you imagine having to decorate your plant bedding only once? Bulldawg Total Lawn Care can help make it happen! Decorative Rock Bedding is our most popular bedding. Also, if you have us install our recommended metal edging available in green or brown and our 25-year weed block, you’ll never pull weeds again.

Cypress, Red, Black or Brown Mulch


  1. Mulch creates an attractive, rich color that can improve the appearance of any garden, play area or walkway.
  2. Time Frame

  3. Mulch is also long-lasting, and can effectively deter weed growth and hold water. It often lasts a year or more.
  4. Aroma

  5. Since cypress mulch is created from cypress trees, it gives off a pleasant aroma of cypress oil.
  6. Holding Water

  7. Mulch is also capable of absorbing large quantities of water, which can help prevent evaporation in the soil.
  8. Improving Soil

  9. Mulch improves the soil quality by eventually decomposing into nutrient-rich topsoil.