Sprinkler Systems

Sprinkler Systems in Augusta GA

A good sprinkler system can take a lot of the back breaking work out of lawn care and maintenance.  With our systems, it takes less time to water your lawn and you get more coverage- ensuring each plant and every blade of grass will have the water it needs to thrive in our hot summers.  At Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care, we have installed and repaired so many irrigation and sprinkler systems that we know them like the back of our hand.  If you’re having problems with your current system, or would like to find out more about the convenience of having a sprinkler system installed in your yard, give us a call!

Here are some of the Sprinkler System Services we provide:

Repairs and Updates

New Installation

New Timer Installation

Rain Sensor Installation (simulates ground moisture and only turns on when necessary)


On new sprinkler system installations and updates we only use the best: Rainbird! Their new rain curtain technology lets you water evenly like Mother Nature intended. We use the same heads and parts they use on fairways of golf courses – Pro 3000 Series gear rotors.